1. Lash.Directory website

Lash.Directory website is a Directory of lash artists, and also solutions and services that may be of use to lash artists. Its unique approach is in listing of the lash artists on the map and allowing users (clients) searching for lash artists nearby certain locations.

2. Using our website

By using the Lash.Directory website you agree to not hold Lash.Directory staff, partners, owners, and associated companies and personnel liable for any loss or damage of health, profit, reputation, personal or professional should it originate, directly or indirectly from using the information listed on the website.

3. Correct information

By using this website you acknowledge and understand information available on it is supplied by 3rd parties, and as such Lash.Directory can not be responsible for its correctness, although we naturally encourage all parties to provide the most accurate information at all times.

4. Access to the Services

Access to our services is available free of charge to all parties, lash artists and clients.

5. Complaints

We encourage all parties to communicate with each other directly should there be any complaints, as Lash.Directory is in no way a 3rd party in the contract between the lash artists and their clients. We will, however, investigate such complaints should any be filed, and will try to assist all parties involved to the best of our abilities.

6. Privacy

Lash.Directory doesn’t share your information with any party, and doesn’t store any sensitive information about you. It is naturally understood that lash artists share information about them and their business to the public via this website, and clients and other users may have free access to such information. It is naturally understood that clients will need to share information about them with the lash artist of their choice should they decide to make contact either via this website or directly.