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Lash.Directory is an easy to use directory of lash artists that allows clients searching for the nearest lash artist or choosing from a selection of locations and business types

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lash artists can be found by clients who search for the nearest lash artist to their location.

Lash artists get their own free web page where they can put information about their business, their services, and communicate with their clients.

In the future we will be introducing exclusive deals from the leading suppliers and various training courses,

Lash artists are fully responsible for keeping their details up to date, and updating information about their location, services, prices, etc where and when it changes. Please kindly note Lash Directory is a service that provides listing facilities to lash artists and search feature to clients, and can not be expected to verify or be held responsible for correctness of 3rd party information.

Should you find some information listed by a lash artist in our directory to be incorrect, we encourage you to make contact with them and ask to have it corrected.

Yes, it is free for lash artists and clients. Lash artists can register in our Lash Directory and clients can search for lash artists and make contact with them, all free of charge.

Lash artists registered in our Lash Directory specify their location. Our technology puts them on the map, and allows you to search for lash artists near you. All you need to do is enter your current location and distance you are ready to travel, and the system will display nearby lash artists on the map.

Absolutely not. All features are included in the plugins bundled inside. You don’t need to pay for any extra third party plugins.









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